Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ADA Parking: Visitors planning to access designated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) parking areas must provide all required documentation in accordance with KRS 189.456. Visitors with an ADA parking credential should enter the parking area at Entrances 7 or 9, off Jerry Carroll Blvd. Visit maps on for suggested In-Bound and Out-Bound Traffic Maps.


Credentialed Parking: Platinum, Suite Owner, Media Infield, and NASCAR Paddock access is at Entrance 3 via Exit 57. Chairman's Lot (Lot C) will use Entrance 1 via Exit 57.

Exit 57 will serve as the entrance for guests coming from the North.

Exit 55 will serve as the entrance for patrons arriving from the South.See parking map

Tailgating Policy

For your safety, local law enforcement agencies and fire departments require us to keep a 12-foot, clear aisle between all rows of parked cars. 

Our parking lot aisles are 20-feet wide and we ask your assistance in keeping pop-up tents, grills, chairs and other tailgate items within FOUR FEET of the rear of your parking space to maintain 12-foot lane required to allow safety vehicles to quickly operate in the event of an emergency. 

Tour Bus Pass FAQ

Q: Where do Tour Buses Park?
A: Back of Lot F

Q: How do I get to Lot F?
A: Use Exit 55 onto Speedway Blvd. then take a left on to Jerry Carroll. Following signs to Lot F.

Q: Is there a pass needed?
A: No.